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I like to photograph birds, but often don't make the The FlotillaThe FlotillaTrumpeter Swans: Job Corps ponds, Warm Springs, Montana. April 19, 2020.
time or set up the camera properly. The birds also seem to know me by sight and get as far away as possible.

Last Sunday I put the long lens on, jacked up the camera's sensor speed, and hiked around a couple of the Job Corps Ponds at Warm Springs, Montana. I saw American Avocets, Black Necked Stilts, Killdeers, Canada Geese, a bunch of Snow Geese who landed and then left, ducks, and finally--a small flock of Trumpeter Swans.

I have wanted to see some Trumpeters for a long time. When I was growing up, I remember hearing that the Trumpeters were doing poorly and in grave danger. Apparently, they are in much better standing now.

I stood among some trees and pretended to be a gate post, which helped keep them from moving off too quickly. However five right eyes and one left eye clearly have me in sight and they were slowly swimming away. 




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