Big Sky Country

April 10, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

On April 6, 2020 I visited Hogback Road south of Big Sky CountryBig Sky CountryThe Pioneer Mountains from Hogback Road. Glen, Montana. April 6, 2020.
Glen, Montana, in hopes of catching the rising almost-full moon. I parked and walked up the southernmost lower edges of the 'hogback' and found that to the east, the moon was caught up among low clouds hugging the Ruby and Tobacco Root Mountains.

While I waited for the moon, I looked about and saw that there were gorgeous views in almost every direction.

To the west the sun beamed through clouds to cast patchy shadows on grasslands backed by the Pioneer Mountains. Small specks of black cattle, a single truck, and a trail of dust added a tiny bit of action. To me, this photo just says, "Big Sky Country."




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