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This collection contains the 24 photos from 2017-2020 that I like best. Check them out!
Aspens A'greenBig Hole DawnBig Hole River GloryCentervilleEarly Morning on the south BoulderFirst Light, Last LightGuardianHighlightsHogbacksLooking GoodMid-afternoon SnackMissouri River at Ling RockNicely Done!Perfect FallPoint of RocksReflected GoldRolling Hills of GreenSeeley Lake SunsetSuppertiiimmmeee...The Big Hole River

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Twpatt Photos
Thanks Dan -- I have just updated the collection to include photos from 2020... It didn't get any easier.

Dan Darkenwald(non-registered)
Boy, that must have been really hard ! Leonard has shown me several of your photos in the past and has even given me a couple that he has had printed.
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