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Twpatt 2021 Calendars:

Twpatt Custom 2020 CalendarWhat it looks like.
The Twpatt wall Calendar is 12 inches wide and 18 inches tall with a binding on top. There is a full page Montana scene on the cover and a half page Montana scene each month. You can choose one of the preselected photo groups (Photographer's Picks, Butte Head Frames, or Montana Parks) or fully customize your calendar using any image available at Twpatt Photos.

The cost is $35.00 plus shipping.

To use one of the pre-selected sets (Photographer Picks, Butte Head Frames, or Montana Parks):

  1. Go to Photographers Picks, Butte Head Frames, or Montana Parks.
  2. Select the "Buy" button  and then "Buy all 13 photos" from the drop down menu.
  3. Photo captions for the pre-selected groups are built into the calendar templates. All you need to do is buy all 13 photos in the order presented.
  4. On the "Shop" page find "Photo Gifts" and select "Calendars".
  5. Select the Calendar title (Photographer Picks, Butte Head Frames, or Montana Parks) that matches the collection you chose. 
  6. When the calendar editor opens, select ""Preview".  You will be able to page through the calendar and make sure all the photos are correct. 
  7. If the calendar looks good, click "Add to Cart", view the cart, and check out.

To fully customize your calendar:

  1. Select at least 13 images (one for the cover and 12 others--one for each month) from Galleries and Collections. 
  2. Save the images in your "Favorites" folder (the site will ask you to create a free login before you can save photos).
  3. Open your "Favorites" folder from Galleries and Collections and select a photo to be your calendar cover. 
  4. Click the"Buy" button to open the "Shop" page.
  5. Find the "Photo Gifts" section and select "Calendars".
  6. Choose the "2021 Custom Twpatt Photos Calendar". 

When the calendar editor opens, the first photo that you selected should be on the cover. Follow the instructions below to add the other photos. 

  1. In the "2021 Custom Twpatt Photos Calendar", click the "Add Photos" button. 
  2. The Calendar editor will open and your selected image should be on the cover. All of the monthly photo placeholders should be empty.
  3. Click "Change Photo" at the top of the calendar. A popup window will open on the right side . Select the "Favorites" tab. The photos from your "Favorites" folder will appear.
  4. At the bottom of the editor, select a month (January, February, etc.) and drag a photo onto its placeholder. (Once the photo is in the month, clicking on it will turn on some cropping and placement tools.)
  5. If you wish to add captions, click on the caption placeholder below each image and copy/edit/paste your text into the placeholder. (An easy way to find the captions is to open a new copy of your "Favorites" folder from Galleries and Collections . Inside "Favorites", start the slideshow and then pause it. Use the filmstrip to view each photo and its caption. (Make sure to highlight and erase the placeholder text in each caption area.))
  6. Save the calendar
  7. Add the calendar to your cart and go to checkout.

Thank you. I hope that you enjoy your calendar.

If you need help, send a message through the Twpattphotos Contacts page.