Warm Springs Peace

August 20, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

At PeaceAt PeaceWarm Springs Ponds, Warm Springs, Montana. Sunset, August 1, 2020. Take a dee-eep breath, relax, watch the light, and watch clouds silently float across sky and water. There should be insects galore--but there weren't. 

Mary and I headed out one early August evening to see if the late-day sun would get under the clouds and really produce a 'fire in the sky' sunset. If it would be so, I wanted reflections. Our closest good reflectors are the Warm Springs Ponds wetlands near Warm Springs, Montana, and we just had time enough to get there from Butte.

The sky never opened up, but that didn't prevent some really nice images. Mixed cloud levels doing different things, a tiny bit of pink on the far horizon, and glassy water. I really liked the combinations.

If you just stood and looked at the scene, you felt at peace. Warm and calm along with beautiful light made it all work.

We hung about another half hour or so hoping for the western light, but it just got dark. Suddenly, (the right temperature, humidity, barometric pressure...?) the evening insects came out to play. We got in the car and went home.




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