Mom -- can we go to Walmart?

November 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

The JumpThe JumpMadison Buffalo Jump State Park. Logan, Montana. November 5, 2020. I can't decide on whether this is a Montana Winter or Montana Fall photo. It sure looks like fall, but it was taken in early November.

I wanted some new photos of the Buffalo Jump at Madison Buffalo Jump State Park for my 2022 state parks calendar. I have usually visited in the middle of the day under sunny, harsh, light, but wanted something different.

Mary and headed east to try and get some late-day photos on November 5. Here is the one I like best. It was about 20 minutes to sunset and the oblique light caused much of the landscape's texture to stand out. the limestone cliff at the jump is about 30 ft tall. 

Buffalo jumps were the Walmart's of their day. You made your periodic 'shopping' trip to the jump when the animals were present (in stock!) and at a time you could guide/harass some of them over the cliff face. When harvested, the animals provided food, tools, clothing, and even parts of shelters.

Unlike present-day Walmart's though, you didn't have to worry about your debit or credit cards being accepted, and whether social distancing was working.

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