It's 2020, but Thinkin' 2021 -next candidate

January 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

As you know, 2020 Head Frames Calendars are still available online at and it's time to snap one up before too much of the year escapes. If you decide to buy a calendar, but adding captions seems too hard--put the unfinished calendar in your cart and share it with me at Twpatt Photos (There is a button in the shopping cart. NOTE--sharing your cart shares only its contents and an email address. No personal information is included). I can add the captions and share the cart back to you. You can then check out as usual.

I plan to produce a 2021 Head Frames Calendar with all new head frames photos. Here is a view of the Mountain Consolidated head frame, one of the 2021 calendar candidates.  Winter at the ConWinter at the ConMountain Consolidated Head frame. Butte, Montana. December 25, 2019.

'Winter at the Con' features a close/far view with snow-capped wheatgrass in the foreground, late-day light reflected off the head frame, and a seemingly endless view of Butte, Montana, and the Summit Valley. The cloud shrouded Highlands Mountains are in the distance.

The Mountain Consolidated mine site is now a Butte City Park with a covered picnic pavilion near the site of the foreman's house and walking paths that take you about. The head frame is the park's centerpiece, but the pathway around the hoist house offers some of the park's most photogenic angles. 

Click on the image to see a large view in the Montana Winter Gallery.




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