Happy Thanksgiving -- Reprise

November 30, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Here we are -- It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has come and gone at a total cost of $36.88 for a grand daughter toy and $9.99 for a good deal on coffee. However, that will be the minimum of holiday season damage.

We have yet to face the travails of December including concerts, festivals, and Christmas itself. All the kids will be home so, the house must be cleaned and all the bedrooms restarted. The tree must be rescued from the darkness of its basement box, and decorations spread about.

Mary's knee is getting better--we have abandoned the pain pills for tylenol and ibuprofen. That is very good!

All in all -- a good Thanksgiving.

Below is a 'First Snow' photo of the Highlands Mountains taken October 18, 2019 from the little park just east of the Steward Mine in Butte, Montana. Golden, tall, grass provides a good foreground for distant snow capped peaks.

First SnowFirst SnowThe Highlands Mountains. Butte, Montana. October, 18, 2019.




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