A really, really, hard thing to do!

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I have been thinking about it for a while... Early Morning on the south BoulderEarly Morning on the south BoulderThe northern Tobacco Root Mountains from Armstrong Road. December 6, 2017.

There are more than 1,600 photos on TwPatt Photos and individual images are getting hard to find. If you are looking for a specific thing (head frames, mountains, streams, birds, etc.) the search field helps... But!

What if you just want something pretty, are not sure what you are looking for, and don't have time to search through 1,600+ images?   

I thought about deleting images that seem 'old and dusty', but it's hard, because I only post images that I like and no matter how old they are, most photos get visits.

I decided to create special collections of the images that I like BEST. 

  1. I created photo collections named 'Best of 2017', 'Best of 2018', and 'Best of 2019'. (There will be a 'Best of 2020', but that's a future effort.)
  2. I sorted the images in each 'Montana Season' gallery by Seeley Lake SunsetSeeley Lake SunsetBig Larch Campground, Seeley Lake, Montana. July 26, 2019. year-captured and added the images that I liked best to the new collections. For example, images captured in 2017 were added to the 'Best of 2017' collection. I did the same thing for 2018 and 2019. 
  3. I ended up with about a hundred images in each 'Best of...' collection.
  4. Winnowing the collections down turned out to be pretty hard, but in the end each collection contained the 24 'best' images for 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  5. I added all of the 'Best of...' photos into a 'Best of the Best' collection -- I ended up with 72 images. 
  6. With weeping and gnashing of teeth, I cut the 72 images in 'Best of the Best' down to 24.

It's not perfect. I pulled out a lot of images that I like just as well as those I kept, but it is a starting point. If you work through 'Best of the Best' and don't see what you like, check out the 'Best of...' collections for each year. If you get an idea of what you are looking for, try the search field. 

The images in this post are links to their spots in the 'Best of the Best' collection. Click on one to check out the collection.




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