2020 Calendars Cover Finalist

May 15, 2019  •  2 Comments

I am working on the 2020 Twpatt Photography calendars and so far have orders for about 15 Head Frames calendars! 

I have selected the cover photo for Head Frames. I liked this photo because the flag was looking good and the sky was partly cloudy. The flag was flying strong in just the right way. 

The Head Frames calendar is at the printers and I should have the proof copy this week. The calendars will be available at Books and Books and the Chamber of Commerce here in Butte, Montana. Head Frames Calendars are already available on line at http://twpattphotos.com

Orphan Girl FlagOrphan Girl FlagThe US Flag flying over the Orphan Girl Mine Head Frame. Butte, Montana. May 5, 2019.



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Thanks Eileen. I just picked up the printed versions from Insty-Prints. The calendars look great.
And the horizontals are pointing to the right, just like the flag
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