Spring 2019: National Bison Range wildlife

April 10, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Mary and I toured the National Bison Range (Dixon, Montana) in early April hoping that bison would be conveniently near the road--possibly with early calves. The 'Prairie View' road was open and we drove all the way to the turnaround point before spotting some bison. They were working apparently greener pastures about a quarter mile away. Sadly, we didn't see any calves. Mary watched them through binoculars and I tried a few photos with the long lens.

We saw a pair of eagles near a nest just as we entered the range (no photos) and another eagle on our way back towards the entrance. There was a small herd of elk bedded down a few hundred feet north, and this bird seemed to be eyeing them closely.  

The western meadowlarks were everywhere--and their calls were constant. Meadowlarks move much faster than I do, however, one did pose on the top of a juniper for me. It soon decided that I was too close and took flight. I happened to catch a photo when its totally extended left leg and foot were still touching the juniper.

Photos from the Lake Missoula ripple marks are still on their way. 

Click the images to see them in the Montana Spring Gallery. Go to http://twpattphotos.com to see today's Home Page Slide Show.

Are You Food?Are You Food?Bald eagle. National Bison Range, Dixon, Montana. April 5, 2019. LaunchLaunchA western meadowlark. National Bison Range. Dixon, Montana. April 5, 2019. Chasing the GreenChasing the GreenAmerican Bison. National Bison Range, Dixon, Montana. April 5, 2019.



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