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Note: Greeting cards must be ordered using a desktop or tablet computer (iPad). (However, if using an iPad you will be unable to modify photo choice without starting over from the gallery.)

Use the “Select Photos” button to select one (if planning on a flat card) or two photos (if planning on a folded card) and then click "Buy Selected".

In the shop look for 'Greeting Cards' and select 'Flat' or 'Folded'. Your photos should automatically populate your selected template. If your selected template needs two photos, your first pick will be on the cover and your second pick will be on the inside front. Follow the instructions to complete your card template and check out. All orders include envelopes.

Most images will work with templates having "All White" text. Some images may work better with "White (on top)/Black (on bottom)", "Black (on top)/White (on bottom)", or "All Black" text.
All A'glitterAt dawnBeamsDay's EndAfter the Rain...Wildflower SunsetHistorically Rich IIThe "M"SteampunkSix in AllDecked Out for DecemberThe AnselmoMeeting the MorningFoggy FootingsStalwart GuardianBelle of the HillThe Bell-DiamondGreeting the DayThe KelleyThe Lexington